Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smart Car Crash Tested

Hilarious video recording of smart four two crash tests (including hitting a concrete wall at 70mph) for a while now. Well, the NHTSA has finally crashed a few smarts in the name of insurance ratings security and the verdict is in: the smart is safer than you might think. The diminutive German car gets four stars for driver security and three stars for the passenger in the frontal crash test.

Side impact testing revealed five-star presentation, although a door did open throughout the test, "increasing the likelihood of passenger ejection." Granted, "Starflation" has been an issue for the NHTSA, but like an underachieving elected official, the smart is simply playing the opportunity game. The fact that the minuscule ride didn't explode into a million pieces of wound-irritating fiberglass is probably sufficient to surprise the average American consumer, who likely sees the smart as a small step up from a Segway scooter in terms of safety.

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